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In The Raw With Soul & Me

In The Raw With Soul is a live, vegan, raw food catering service. We provide vegan catering for parties, retreats, seminars. raw food training courses, food demos. In The Raw With Soul will stimulate your mind as well as your taste buds. We believe it will change the way you view vegan food forever.

Founder Beverly Coleman McFarland

The Greens


In The Raw With Soul  purchase the majority of their vegetables for locally grown sources. We visit our local farmers markets and our neighboring pick your own farms when in season to guaranty freshness

Catering & Events

In The Raw With Soul 2017 Events, June 10th Rohobeth  Beach Veg Fest. June 24 2017, Richman Virginia Veg Fest, August 18th, 19th, 20th Lovelight Veg Fest, August 26th, Vegan Soul Fest. More events to come.


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TEL: 301-526-2746

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In The Raw With Soul LLC


Vegan Catering Company

Embrace Nature's Medicine

- Beverly McFarland -

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